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dear team
i want the height of the container to be fixed,
currently in the below example the images are displayed in full size, the the image is big it will make the layout ugly


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    hello? im still waiting for ann answer!

  • Support Team

    i try many times to visit your site but your site is not loading properly. it’s just loading… and loading.. continuously.
    that is the reason I can’t check the problem.

  • Participant

    go to

    then from the main menu go to motorcycle and click on the very first product ninja-h2sx-se

    the direct link is

  • Participant

    could you please answer my above question?

  • Support Team

    so this is the problem right ?
    a large white space!

  • Support Team

    please use this CSS code
    .twist-pgs {
    height: 690px;

    see the screenshot:

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