First Image in slider doesn’t ZOOM onHover

Hello Niloy,

The first image in the product slider doesn’t ZOOM, but the rest of the images ZOOM.

Can you please take a look into this?


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  • Support Team

    Hello, again Michael,
    Today I will assign my jQuery developer to fix this issue. in next release, this problem will be fixed 🙂

  • Support Team

    Hi Michael,
    i Fixed this issue in version 2.0.2. i have submitted the plugin into codecanyon 2 days ago and i found few more minor bugs so i delete the update from codecanyon and thinking to submit the update version few days later with the new bugs fixed.
    in the meantime, you need to wait 1 more week or just email me at niloys7live[at] so i will send you the update plugin zip.

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